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Police Officer

Company: City of Hutchinson
Location: Hutchinson
Posted on: June 9, 2021

Job Description:

The Hutchinson Police Department provides competitive salary, outstanding benefits, and a $_2_,500 hiring bonus. Come join our family. Apply today._ _New employees that possess current Kansas Certified Law Enforcement Officer certification may be placed above the bottom of the pay scale based on job-related experience as determined by the Police Chief._ _ Job Summary The primary function of this job is the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws and ordinances, and the protection of life and property within the City of Hutchinson and surrounding area. Officers work under the direction of the Patrol Sergeant or other higher ranking officers. Duties normally consist of patrol and traffic activities in the city on an assigned shift. Officers may be delegated to assignments in specialized areas such as neighborhood services, community services, criminal investigation services, administration, or other assignments. The Police Officer is responsible for protecting people and property. He or she patrols assigned areas, responds to calls, enforces laws, makes arrests, issues citations, and occasionally testifies in court cases. Police officers make traffic stops, respond to domestic disturbances, and may provide first aid in accident/emergency situations until paramedics arrive. The ideal candidate is at least 21 years old and is a citizen of the United States. A high school diploma or GED is required, and a degree or additional coursework in police science, law enforcement, criminal justice, or a related field is preferred. Candidates must successfully complete the required training and probationary period and must pass a background investigation, drug test, physical examination, and emotional and psychological fitness examination. A valid driver's license is required. Police Officers may be required to work overtime as necessary with little or no notice; must be able to adapt to changes in working conditions such as schedules (nights, weekends, and holidays), changing shift configurations, and variables of weather; may be required to use deadly force; and must be able to safely perform the duties of the position without posing a threat to the health and safety of themselves or others. Candidates must be of good moral character and emotionally stable. Environmental Conditions & Physical Demands The primary duties of this class are performed in both a general office environment and an outdoor environment that may include exposure to adverse weather conditions and to potential personal danger. Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to discern verbal instructions, communicate effectively, interrogate and interview people, discern noises that may require investigation, and perform telephone and radio communication; Sufficient vision or other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to comprehend written work instructions, perform surveillance, sight and shoot a firearm, gather evidence at crime scenes, and coordinate and conduct detailed investigations; Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to use a firearm safely and effectively, direct traffic, write reports, utilize equipment required for the performance of duties, and operate a vehicle; Sufficient mental ability to exercise sound judgment and rational thinking under dangerous circumstances, evaluate various options and alternatives and choose an appropriate and reasonable course of action, and demonstrate intellectual capabilities during training and testing processes. Sufficient personal mobility, flexibility, stamina, strength, and physical reflexes, with or without reasonable accommodation, to perform all duties required in a law enforcement environment. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION _During the Hutchinson Police Departments application and selection process, your background will be closely examined. An applicant may be permanently or temporarily disqualified if the totality of his/her overall conduct or character demonstrates an undesirable behavior pattern including, but not limited to, dishonesty and/or integrity issues, criminal activity, motor vehicle violations, employment termination, financial problems, theft and/or a combination of such conduct or activities indicating he he/she is not suitable as a law enforcement officer. _ _ _ _KANSAS STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT REQUIREMENTS_ Pursuant to Kansas State Statute 74-5605, the following criteria must be satisfied by all enrollees at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC). Accordingly, each new Police Officer hired by the Hutchinson Police Department will be evaluated as such to ensure future eligibility for law enforcement certification through KLETC. The specifics listed below will be examined at separate phases of the selection and new hire process including application, selection, pre-employment/post-offer, and post-hire. This list is limited to represent the terms of Kansas State Statute and is not all-inclusive of the requirements set forth by the Hutchinson Police Department. Is a United States citizen;Have been fingerprinted and a search of all local, state and national fingerprint files made to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record;Not have been convicted of a crime that would constitute a felony under the laws of this state, a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or a misdemeanor offense that the commission determines reflects on the honesty, trustworthiness, integrity or competence of the applicant as defined by rules and regulations of the commission;Have graduated from a high school accredited by the Kansas state board of education or the appropriate accrediting agency of another state jurisdiction or have obtained the equivalent of a high school education as defined by rules and regulations of the commission;Be of good moral character sufficient to warrant the public trust in the applicant as a police officer or law enforcement officer;Have completed an assessment, including psychological testing approved by the commission, to determine that the applicant does not have a mental or personality disorder that would adversely affect the ability to perform the essential functions of a police officer or law enforcement officer with reasonable skill, safety and judgment;Be free of any physical or mental condition which adversely affects the ability to perform the essential functions of a police officer or law enforcement officer with reasonable skill, safety and judgment; andBe at least 21 years of age. _ OTHER MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS _ Must possess a valid state drivers license _ PERMANENT DISQUALIFIERS ___ In order to be eligible for employment with the Hutchinson Police Department, an applicant must not have any of the automatic employment disqualifiers in his/her background. Applicants will be permanently disqualified for any of the following reasons: _ _ Conviction of a crime that would constitute a felony under the laws of this state or the United States.Conviction of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.Confirmed history of selling, manufacturing, distributing, or transporting any controlled dangerous substance, narcotic drug, or marijuana in his/her lifetime. Conviction of any crime of a sexual nature or that involves acts of dishonesty, to include but not limited to theft, fraud, false police reports, etc. Convictions as a juvenile will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Historically or currently listed on any sex offender registry.If military service, dishonorable discharge from any branch of the United States Armed Forces. The specifics of other non-honorable discharge codes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.If previous law enforcement experience, must not have any issues that would negatively impact courtroom testimony/ credibility.State law enforcement officer certification denied, permanently revoked, or currently suspended. Any pattern of offenses that would tend to diminish or otherwise undermine the public trust in the law enforcement profession. _ OTHER BACKGROUND CATEGORIES THAT WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION _ _INFORMATION DISCLOSURE_ Falsification, intentional misrepresentation, not completely truthful or not fully disclosing ALL information requested throughout all phases of the application, selection, and pre-employment/post-offer process. _ Active or Pending Charges _ Currently charged with, under indictment, or on probation or diversion for any criminal activity other than minor traffic violations (civilian or military). Outstanding traffic warrants or pending citations. _ Driving Record ___ Conviction of, plead guilty or no contest to one or more major traffic violation(s) in the past five (5) years. Conviction of, plead guilty or no contest to one or more moderate traffic violation(s) in the past three (3) years.Conviction of, plead guilty or no contest to, or diversion for more than (2) minor traffic violations in the past 18 months or more than three (3) minor violations in the past three (3) years. Conviction of any driving violation that is classified as a felony offense will result in automatic and permanent disqualification.Any pattern of traffic law violations that indicate disrespect for traffic laws or disregard for public safety. __ __ _ Categories of traffic violations include, but are not limited to the following: _ __ MAJOR VIOLATIONS: __ Driving under the influence (DUI) Refusal to take or failure of an alcohol or drug test Eluding a police officer MODERATE VIOLATIONS Drag racing or speed contest Speeding in excess of 20 MPH over the speed limit Leaving the scene of an accident Hit and run Open alcohol containers/possession License suspension or revocation resulting from moving violations or accidents Driving while license is suspended or revoked MINOR VIOLATIONS Failure to yield Speeding (under 20 MPH over the speed limit) Illegal passing Defective equipment Stop sign/stop light violation Improper turn Following too closely At-fault accidents Inattentive driving Failure to provide insurance Texting while driving DRUG & ALCOHOL USE _The Hutchinson Police Department will evaluate an applicants overall pattern and use of drugs and alcohol. If prior usage is believed to be a concerning factor, the applicant will be eliminated, temporarily or permanently, from further consideration. Disqualifiers include the following:_ Use of any controlled dangerous substance or narcotic drug, other than marijuana, within the past five (5) years, or has an established pattern of engaging in more than minimal experimentationin his/her lifetime. Use of marijuana/cannabis within the past one (1) year or has an established pattern of extensive use of marijuana/cannabis over a substantial period of time. Use, purchase of, or possession of illegal or non-prescribed steroids within the past three (3) years. Use, purchase of, or possession of any non-prescribed medication within the past three (3) years or has an established pattern of prescription medication abuse. Established pattern of alcohol abuse. Any drug-related conviction that is classified as a felony offense will result in automatic and permanent disqualification. _Note: Experimental drug use typically involves one-time or short-term use due to curiosity, peer pressure, or other similar reasons. Experimental usage will be evaluated based on the circumstances of involvement, length and quantity of use, etc. _ _ _ _THE ABOVE LIST IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE. AN APPLICANT MAY ALSO BE DISQUALIFIED IF THE TOTALITY OF HIS/HER CIRCUMSTANCES INDICATE THAT HE/SHE WOULD NOT BE SUITABLE AS A POLICE OFFICER. ANY ACTIVITY THAT IS NOT CLASSIFIED AS AN AUTOMATIC/PERMANENT DISQUALIFIER WILL BE FURTHER INVESTIGATED TO DETERMINE YOUR CANDIDACY FOR EMPLOYMENT._ _ _ PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT IF DISQUALIFIED, OUR AGENCY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SHARE THE SPECIFIC RECORDS RESULTING IN YOUR DISQUALIFICATION DUE TO FEDERAL AND STATE REGULATIONS. HOWEVER, WE WILL DIRECT YOU TO THE APPLICABLE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY TO RETRIEVE AND POTENTIALLY SOLVE ANY DISPUTES.

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